ICO date: 15th May 2018 - 15th July 2018. Bityond Tokens do not offer any payments, interest or dividends to token holders.

Bityond token (BYT)

BYT are the fuel that drives Bityond's rewards system.
There are two ways of receiving Bityond tokens:

  • By participating in the ICO;
  • By using the platform as a Candidate or Employer.

Tokens will be distributed for free as users complete certain actions in Bityond and in potential airdrops.
To safeguard participants, the amount of BYT offered for free at each period will be substantially lower, than the amount purchased during the ICO.

ICO details

Share Distribution
  • 50% - Bityond users
  • 40% - ICO participators
  • 10% - Team
  • Maximum supply
    100,000,000.00 (100 million BYT)
  • ICO
    40,000,000.00 (40 million BYT)
  • Reserved for Bityond users
    50,000,000.00 (50 million BYT)
  • Reserved for Bityond
    10,000,000.00 (10 million BYT)
  • Price 1 ETH = 100,000 BYT
  • Minimum ETH per participant
    0.2 ETH
  • ICO ETH goal amount
    400 ETH

Tokens created depend on the amount raised.

Funding distribution


Version 2.0 Marketing & Partnerships


Version 3.0 Marketing & Partnerships


Version 3.0 Design & Development



Funds generated by the crowdsale will go into:

  • Develop Bityond smart-contracts;
  • Develop Bityond 3.0, which incorporates new and improved features;
  • Marketing & Growth hacking, promoting the Bityond network to recruitment companies and candidates;
  • Partnerships, with technical universities across Europe.

Token distribution

Bityond cannot redistribute profits as it would make the token be treated as a security by the Portuguese Exchange Markets Commission; What's important to retain is:

  • All users will be entitled to free Bityond Tokens;
  • BYT will be distributed to ICO participants until the end of July 2018.


Economic incentive

By distributing tokens freely, users have an incentive to use Bityond, as it's the only recruitment platform that rewards users for sharing data.

Participate in Polls

As more participators and users get tokens, Bityond will create polls to allow for any token holder to express their opinion, in terms of future developments.


The team will make proposals to the network, which enables token holders to spend tokens to fund new milestones and features.


Pedro Febrero

Pedro FebreroFounder



Beatriz Pereira

Beatriz PereiraDesigner

Joana Pereira

Joana Pereira, PhdStrategy Advisor

Bruno Vasconcelos

Bruno VasconcelosICO Adviser

Miljan Mikic

Miljan Mikic, PhdBusiness Development Advisor

Marco Amaro

Marco AmaroCommunity Manager

Bityond partners

ICO trackers

How to participate

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The crowdsale page will only be shared via email to potencial contributors.

Know your customer

Only contributors who pass KYC identification may participate during the ICO.


All official ICO related comms will be done via email only.

Do not trust any communication rather than Bityond's emails. We will not send the investment address details via Slack or Telegram.

ICO contribution

15th May 2018 00:00 - 15th July 2018 23:59

  • 54days
  • 1hours
  • 0minutes

Crowdsale progress

2 ETHTotal Raised Funds

400 ETHGoal

  • 200000Tokens Claimed
  • 3Contributors
  • 100000Price (Tokens/ETH)
  • 40000000Total Supply
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Mar '17 - Aug '17

Bityond beta release, UAT, Partnership agreements.

Sep '17 - Feb '18

Bityond 2.0 design, Bityond 1.0 beta & marketing.

Mar '18 - Aug '18

Bityond 2.0 development, Bityond 1.0 Live, ICO.

Sep '18 - Feb '19

Bityond 2.0 beta, Smart-contracts, Marketing & Growth.

Mar '19 - Aug '19

Bityond 2.0 Live, Bityond 3.0 beta, Mobile app.

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