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Reporting is what allows you to check the statistics in your profile, in your projects and in your Organization. It compiles all information into charts, so that you and others can quickly check the most important skills and strengths one has to offer.

With reporting you can quickly check what are the top technologies you can work with, which companies have more positions opened that relate to your profile, select the skills you want to highlight and even search for the most hot IT fields.

Yes, statistics were meant to be seen by everybody. They can highlight your best skills, your most relevant jobs and give your profile that extra visibility you've always wanted!

No, statistics were created to be informative: they highlight your strongest technical and non-technical competences. The reporting mechanism focuses on what are the most reliable variables in your profile and compiles all the information graphically, so that it is easy to read and understand. It cannot be edited since the process is done automatically. The more experience you get in a certain technology, the better your statistics will look!