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Go to the Organization tab, then click "new organization" and fill-in all relevant details!

Organizations make it possible for projects to be created, as well as jobs, so they serve a unique purpose: they're the identifier of who is an employee and who's not. This means, who can see the projects and jobs in your organization and who can't. Any Member, Leader or Owner can see all your Organization Projects, Jobs and Members. Only Guests cannot see this information, since they actually do not belong to the organization (freelancers, contractors, part-timers).

All membership types can see all the Organization's projects and jobs, except Guests.

When people leave an organization they lose access to that Organization's details, projects and jobs.

There must always be an owner. This means that if there is only one owner, before the person leaves, another owner must be made. If there are multiple owners, other owners may delete the organization form their list.

If an employer leaves a company, all the previous projects done while working at that organization won't be accessible anymore to that user. This measure is used to protect companies from sharing confidential information. On the user profile, only the job title will appear, with no relevant project information.

If that user had an Employer account, simply select another user to be a manager, or cancel that one subscription!