How it works

Do you still have questions?

Bityond uses a simple structure to define access levels. Organizations own Projects, and Projects own Jobs. An Organization has Owners, Leaders, Members and Guests. Please see the Organization tab for more information.

Owner: is the person who creates the Organization. An owner can invite other people to be owners, managers or members and view all users of an Organization. Only this person can edit an Organization. This type of membership only exists for Organizations, as projects are managed by managers.

Manager: is the person who can create Projects and Jobs for any Organization they are enrolled at. A manager can invite other people to be managers or members at an Organization. Also, any Manager who owns a project can view and invite people to be a Manager, Member or Guest at that project. A manager can view all projects members and Organization owners, managers, members and guests.

Member: can only become an Organization member after is invited by a Manager or Owner to join the Organization. A project member can be invited by a Manager or be added to the project by working on a project job. A member can see all Organization owners, managers, members and guests.

Guest: is a type of member in a certain project or job, who does not belong to that project's Organization. Anyone associated to a project in an organization where they do not have a membership at, will be seen as a project and organization guest. Typically guests are contractors, freelancers or part-timers. The guest membership only allows the user to see the people working at the project level and not at the organization level.

Yes, multiple accounts can be bought at the same time. You only have to choose how many recruiters or managers you have working at your Organization, and add those employees' emails to the Manager or Owner invitation.

Please remember: only people who have an employer account (managers or owners) can create projects and jobs!

Standard, when you simply need to recruit people to your organization.

Premium, when you have to recruit and manage candidates in your organization.

Build a team for a project

In order to find suitable candidates you must start by creating an Organization. Afterwards, head to the projects page and click in "new project". The more detailed the project briefing, the better. Finally, create different jobs for each project and apply the necessary technical and non-technical filters. Bityond will use those variables and search, find and select the right people. You can choose who to interview (if external) and hire after you've made up your mind!

If you're not happy with the candidates list provided by Bityond, you can always change your job requirements and be either less or more specific, depending on how many candidates were matched.

The more details you input, the more specific your matching results will be – so think carefully about which variables you choose to be mandatory and which can be optional!

I order to fill-in a job, there are two steps:

  1. Accept a candidate to be interviewed;
  2. Accept a candidate to be hired.

If you are interested in checking who might be available for a specific job, but you don't want candidates applying for the position, you can create specific jobs with no "open to candidacies" parameter. This means only Owners, Leaders and Members in your organization can see the projects and associated jobs!

Just click on "reset your password" type in your email address on the following box and a password reminder will be sent to your email address.

If that specific person has a profile in Bityond, invite that user as a Manager, Member or Guest to the project. Since a customer is not a member of your organization (guest), all your other projects and jobs are kept private! After the matching process is complete what happens to the selected candidates?

If you're already an employee at the company and the project manager accepts your candidacy you'll most likely start your new job pretty soon.

In the other hand, if you're not an employee at the company and your application is successful you'll need, firstly, to be interviewed by the manager. Only after you are hired you're invited to join the company and to fill-in the job. Remember that Bityond only works as an intermediary: it does not take into account the recruitment process for an Organization.

No, people that are not connected to your organization cannot see the details of your company's projects and jobs. Since some projects' information might be sensitive, when a candidate leaves a job, he cannot access it anymore. The job name will appear on the user's profile, but no detailed information about the project will be available to check (ie: customer, project detailed description, other members, etc). Only people who have a job in a project, or were invited to a project, can check detailed project information.