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If you're looking to apply to jobs or be managed, Bityond is 100% free. Only employers have to pay in order to create projects and jobs. Candidates will never be charged a penny!

Meaningful profile

If you think about the way Bityond works, compared to other recruitment platforms, the real advantage is that the matching between jobs offered and jobs you’re looking for will be 100% accurate. You won’t have to waste hours filling-in online CV’s, in different company websites, inputting the same information over and over again as Bityond uses your Profile when looking for matches! Will you answer the call? @BityondPower

Bityond was created to change with you. No matter where you go, your profile will always be the same. That's why we advise all users to register in Bityond using their own personal email addresses. That way, you won't have to keep changing your email when you move to another job or organization.