Curious about us?

Bityond is a web platform that matches candidates' technical skills to projects' Jobs, allowing you to find the right people for the right projects. Let it work for you!

Employers: SEARCH for people quickly, with the necessary skillset you're looking for. Change jobs variables, at any time, to find, select and allocate the most adequate candidates to the most relevant projects!

Candidates: FIND job opportunities, which actually match your skillset and experience! Bityond will present the most relevant based on your profile. Always.

Intrigued about the matching tool between people skills and jobs requirements?

  • Step 1. Sign up;
  • Step 2. Create a detailed profile;
  • Step 3. Create a New Organization. You are now a proud Owner;
  • Step 4. Create a New Project. It’s all about being creative;
  • Step 5. Create a New Job in the project.

Are you done? Now look at the Matching Results!

Having trouble finding what you're looking for? Try widening your search criteria!


What the future holds?

We want you to know that we're always looking to improve. Use the suggestion boxes to guide us in making Bityond better for you!


  • Matching Filter: change the matching filters at the matching results level;
  • Add your salary in different currencies (EUR, USD and GBP);
  • Add new salary calculation methods: hourly, daily, monthly and yearly rates;
  • Visualization: add-on of graphical representation on the Dashboard, Project and Profile pages.


Av. Duque d'Ávila, 185, 5º andar
1050-082 Lisboa, Portugal


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