What is Bityond?

Are you recruiting IT Professionals for a new project or maybe managing an internal team? Are you looking for that new career path or new opportunity?

Bityond is a Project Management and Recruitment platform that allows Candidates to find jobs in projects, and Employers to create projects and jobs, essentially managing internal people, or recruiting across Bityond

How does it work?

Create your Profile and detail your experience. Are you a Candidate looking for new opportunities? A Recruiter looking for candidates? A Project manager looking to accurately manage a team?

Create your Organization, Projects and Jobs or apply to open job opportunities: in Bityond everyone is a candidate. Do you wish to recruit or manage teams? Select either a standard or premium plan!

Let our matching tool work for you: after you either apply to an open job as a candidate, or you create a new job as an employer, Bityond will find the right people for the right projects.

Filtering is key: make sure your skills are accurate and your profile up to date. When recruiting or managing people, the more detailed a job is, the higher the chances of finding the right person!

Why is Bityond different?

Skills matching

Looking for the right job opportunities? Make sure your profile is updated. Are you an employer instead? Candidates presented by Bityond will accurately match any job in terms of skills and experience!

Define organizations, projects and jobs

Want to find candidates? First create an Organization and a Project linked to it. For each project you can create multiple jobs! Define skills and experience at the job level, to match the right people!

One platform for all

In Bityond everyone is a candidate. Want to recruit or manage talent? Subscribe to one of the Employer plans and just get on with it! Create as many jobs as possible to increase the matching chances.

Track candidates & jobs

If you're applying to multiple positions, you can keep track of them all by looking into your Candidacies. On the other hand, if you're an Employer, check your Interviews and Reporting for candidates & job tracking!

Find that new career path

You'll be able to view open job opportunities that match your technical skills and give a new boost to your career. Adding new skills or different levels of expertise will let you see different job opportunities!

We change with you

Are you changing Organizations or maybe got hired for a new job? Bityond will follow your career, always keeping up with you. Remember to update your profile regularly to increase your matching chances!